Why Get An Online College Degree?

Why Study Through an Online College Degree Program

You have come to the conclusion that you want to earn your college degree, but are debating whether to take the traditional route of an on-campus college or taking on the online route and study from home.  Below are some reasons why you might consider going to an online college rather than a on-campus college.


One of the biggest advantages for earning a degree online rather than on-campus is the ability to study wherever and whenever you like.  Although online schools don’t completely let you study absolutely on your own terms, the flexibility is much higher with an online college rather than on-campus.  This flexibility leaves open room to have a social life, a day job, and take care of your other responsibilities while earning your degree.

Quality Education

Some argue that earning your college degree online might provide a higher quality experience in that since you are given the freedom to study at your own pace and at the most convenient times, you are most attentive and willing to learn.  With an on-campus college you might be stuck with early morning classes which are difficult to be attentive when you are half-asleep.  You are less likely to ditch classes because all of your resources are available online.  Even if you skip a day of studying, all the lectures and reading material are available for you to review.  Unlike on-campus colleges, if you fail to catch what the professor said, you can simply go back and review the material again.

Career Focused Curriculum

Many online degree schools offer programs that are very career focused and industry relevant.  This is great for you because you want to be able to apply the new skills you develop from an online college degree to your future career.  Many traditional on-campus colleges offer only a broad understanding of a certain subject.  If you know exactly what you want to do after college, an online college might be best for you.

Earn Your Degree Quicker

Numerous online degree schools offer accelerated programs that will help you finish earning your degree as fast as two years, unlike traditional on-campus schools.  Most of the time, you can shorten your time even more by transferring credits from another institution.  The quicker you finish your online degree program, the quicker you are to starting the career you aim for.

Have an Employer Pay for It

Although not all employers offer paying for your online college tuition, they are more likely to offer you an online degree over an on-campus degree.  Employers want you to build your skill sets without having to sacrifice the time of going to school.  Employers enjoy the fact that they can still have you come in for normal working hours as you earn your degree online.

Factors to Consider Before Going with an Online College Degree

How much of the program is “online” and what are the on-site demands of the program?

Some online colleges require that you attend in-person or on-site commitments, such as attending seminars, or meeting up with a counselor to monitor your progress.  Other times, online colleges might not have any on-site demands, which can sometimes be a downside, especially since college is a great opportunity to network with your peers and faculty.  Depending on what you want to gain from your college experience, you must consider the time commitment of these on-site demands, or their lack of them.

If you plan on transferring credits, how many credits can you transfer over or out?

It’s important to know if the credits you earned at a community college or other institution can be transferred into an online college.  Being able to use those credits can help you save a lot of time and money, instead of having to retake those prerequisites all over again at online college.  Conversely, if you want to continue your education after completing an online college degree program, it’s just as important to know if the credits you earned or the degree itself can help you further your education.

Is the online college degree accredited?

Whether or not you aim to transfer your credits in or out, you want to know that the online college degree you earned is accredited and is recognized by employers as a legitimate college degree.  You don’t want to finish college knowing that the time and money you spent on your degree is worthless in getting a job.  Sometimes employers don’t require accreditation in order to work for them, so doing your research will help you save the hassle later.

Does the online college degree program have an established and strong group of professors and faculty?

If you want a quality education, it’s important that the faculty and professors that contribute to your curriculum provide you with industry-relevant knowledge and skills that can truly help you in your career.  Looking into the background of the online school’s professors will help you come to this conclusion.  Research whether or not the professors have worked in their respective industries or if they have earned their education from a reputable school.

What is the online college degree programs focus?

Depending on what you plan on studying at an online college, it’s important to know the focus areas of the program in question.  Some online degree programs focus on one area more than the other.  Knowing ahead of time where the curriculum is going to lean towards will help you build the right kind of skill sets ready to take on the career of your choosing.

How is the program’s delivery methods and do they fit well with you?

Communication is a serious factor to consider when looking into attending an online college.  If the college fails to deliver you the material in a fashion that works for your learning experience, the quality of your education will be diminished.  Ask to preview or demo their delivery method.  You want to find a school that can provide an easy-to-use and simple system to present you information.  Does the school provide you with forums to which students actively participate?  The delivery method also has a counterpart to it as well! That’s you!  Do you have access to an adequate computer with internet?  Do you have a quiet and distraction-free room to study in?  Take into consideration whether or not you are ready for this type of learning experience.

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