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Westwood College is an accredited higher learning institution with 17 campus locations in six states. Westwood College also offers online learning options. They are accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and also a candidate with The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and an affiliate of the North Central Association. Since it’s inception in 1986, it now boasts over 24,000 graduated students. Founded in Denver Colorado in 1953, Westwood College has grown tremendously that it has developed a top-ranked online campus. Their online college has been ranked in the top 10 for the second year in a row. Westwood offers Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs, including programs ranging from business administration to medical assisting.

One excellent Bachelor’s degree program Westwood College offers is their Game Software Development program. If you love video games, earning this degree will be a rewarding experience. As a student to Westwood’s Game Software Development program you will gain the skills to apply core knowledge of software engineering with an emphasis on game and interactive software development. You will build upon your critical thinking, logic, communications and problem-solving skills. After earning your degree, you may find yourself becoming an application developer, game software programmer, product software developer, game designer or game tester. Course topics include Game Analysis and Playability, Artificial Intelligence for Games, Game Porting Basics, Game Software Testing and Debugging, Game Development, and much more. The Game Software Development degree program is offered both on campus and online.

Westwood College also offers a great Criminal Justice degree program which is offered both on campus and online. If you have a strong belief in the justice system, then a criminal justice degree will help you put your beliefs into action. In the program you will cover topics including criminology, criminal procedure, criminal investigation, juvenile justice, victimology and ethics in criminal justice. You will also be required to take up an internship where you will have real-world experience that will be essential in entering the job force. Many who finish the program go on to become investigators, corrections officers, children’s advocates or youth care counselors. After the program, you will have a strong understanding of current issues, concepts, philosophies and theories dealing with criminal justice. You will also know how to apply constitutional principles that protect the rights of its citizens and regulate criminal justice agencies. What’s special about this program is your ability to set your own schedule with the online program.

Westwood’s Master’s Degree in Business Administration is offered online as well. If you are currently working and want to earn a degree, taking the online program makes life very convenient. Earning an MBA is helpful to developing the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to climbing the ladder in the highest levels of business and management careers. The courses you take will prepare you for the leadership roles in today’s dynamic and modern business environment. Westwood’s MBA program helps you build a strong foundation of business knowledge, leadership abilities, and networking resources to meet the challenges in the business world.

Featured Degree Programs

Westwood College offers numerous accredited degrees at their online campus. No longer will you have sacrifice the time to attend classes on campus, when you can study right on your own personal computer. Now you can balance your social life, work life, and personal time while earning an online degree from Westwood College. Here are a few degree programs from Westwood College you may be interested in.

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology: Major in Systems Security

As a student to Westwood College’s Major in Systems Security, you will learn advanced security skills necessary to provide solutions for e-businesses and security policies. You will also be able to identify security threats, develop countermeasures using firewall systems, attacking recognition technologies, and managing the deployment of security solutions. You will develop and apply the broad skills of critical thinking, logic, communications and problem solving in order to manage the challenges you will face in a technical environment. With Westwood College’s online learning program, you will have the flexibility to attend classes at your own schedule. You can also earn a Network Security online degree from Westwood as well. Westwood College’s technology-based programs give you the necessary skills for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) professional designation, Microsoft Certified Professional designations and various CompTIA certifications. Students who finish this program go on to become IT Security Managers, Data Security Administrators, and Product Solutions Managers.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration: Major in Fashion Merchandising

Westwood’s Fashion Merchandising program from their School of Professional Studies is ideal for someone who has a great fashion sense. You will be introduced to the world of the fashion industry as you develop a strong foundation in fashion merchandising essentials, like apparel analysis, visual merchandising, retail buying and fashion promotion. During the program you will develop strong critical thinking, communications and decision-making skills needed to take on the challenges you will face in the contemporary workplace. The program is a mesh of business, merchandising, and fashion, as they are closely interconnected in this growing and exciting market. With the accelerated program, you can finish this program within 3 years. Students who finish this program go on to become Fashion Coordinators, Assistant Retail Mangers, and Assistant Fashion Buyers.

Paralegal Associate’s Degree

Earning your Paralegal Associate’s Degree from Westwood College is an excellent way to follow your passion of law without making the commitment of law school. This program is tailored to help you open the door to becoming a qualified assistant to a lawyer. You will learn fundamental legal terminology, procedures, substantive law and drafting legal documents and research. Students who finish this program move on to become entry-level legal assistants to attorneys in government, corporate or private practice, as well as an entry-level paralegal. Course topics you will encounter include legal writing, wills, trusts and probate, immigration law, bankruptcy law, and civil litigation. By finishing the program you will be able to describe basic law, codes, court structure and the three branches of government. You will also be able to prepare effective and appropriate legal documents, effectively utilize legal technologies, and conduct preliminary legal investigations, including client and witness interviews.

Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design & Multimedia

If you love the web and visual communication, earning a degree in Web Design & Multimedia is something you should consider. As a student to Westwood College’s Web Design & Multimedia Bachelor’s Degree program, you will take courses in design theory, web design, imaging, and advanced web technology courses. During the program you will hone your skills in critical thinking, logic, communications, and workplace challenges from your general education courses. Students who finish this program go on to work in the field of web-design as web-designers, web administrators, web analysts or digital project managers. Some course topics you will encounter include digital illustration, image editing, interactive scripting, web technologies, web page design, database design and development, and audio/video technologies for multimedia.

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