ceramic coating wilmington

Broad Based Ceramic And Plasma Coating Technologies Take Home With You Tonight

You are just about ready to close up shop for the night. Work is done for the day and there is a new order to look forward to in the morning. But do not rush off and avoid the traffic for now. This brief introduction to plasma and ceramic coating wilmington will only take a moment for you to get through. And when your work schedule is organized to include this, you can spend more time on your research and development of what may be a necessary service for your industry specific business.

ceramic coating wilmington

The machine shop from which these coating technologies are supplied have full CNC milling and turning capabilities. There is the capacity to work with up to ten thousand parts. Plasma coating tech is necessary for the protective spraying of ceramics and metals. There must be a minimum rise in temperature to the base material of these surfaces. The technology is there to cater for numerous applications.

These will be dealing with heat barriers, chemical resistance as well as wear resistance on any number of materials. And of course, repairs can always be carried out whenever necessary. Consider the use of a regular maintenance program to assure you of cost effectiveness and long term use of your tools and equipment. One specialized technology in use is the production of high velocity oxygen fuel.

High velocity oxygen fuel (or HVOF) coatings can be as thick as twelve millimeters. They are used to deposit corrosion and wear resistant coatings. This process delivers density, hardness and best bond strengths. Your tools are packed away and you have gathered in your keys. Enjoy your R & D when your desk has been cleared for this.